Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Flower Liches of the Dragonboat Festival

I did the illustrations for the Flower Liches of the Dragonboat Festival.

The goal was to play with colors filters like Prisma to try to do something strange and different. 

This was my first big RPG illustrations contract and I had a big anxiety attack while working on the illustrations and I nearly withdrew from the project, but Kabuki Kaiser was understanding and supportive and I was able to finish my illustrations! It was a big step for me in learning to manage my anxiety, I am glad that I did it. A bit thanks to Kabuki for his support, I learned a lot with this project!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I am working on a zine about me (and other people) having fun roleplaying.

I am working on a comic book!

This may seem silly but tonight while walking home I looked at my shadow and I thought "hey this is me, I am really a woman now..."

I had my meeting with my editors tonight. Going there was pretty intense. I was unsure about my makeup and my dress was too light, the wind blew heavily and messed really badly my hairs. All this combined made me super anxious and I started thinking that I was not passing, and once I started doubting myself I started panicking knowing that being self confident is what really make us pass or not. I nearly cried and I was really tempted to walk back home.

But I did not, I walked to the bar and I used the bathroom as a refuge. I tried to arrange my hairs but they were too tangled, I was really uncertain of what I looked like. My editors arrived and texted me. I took a deep breath and I joined them. I told them I was not feeling super well and I explained why. After a few minutes we started talking comic books and the meeting went very well. :)

I am glad that I stood by myself.

While walking home I was pretty emotional and when I saw my shadow I strongly felt who I am now.

I am super determined now to go to Expozine and to exist as a woman and a comic book author.
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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fire limbs

Artificial fire limbs for when you have to look for your friend lost in the burning house dimension.