Sunday, June 18, 2017

Broken parts

A soft 1hd créature hidden in a AC 12 shell that easily shatters. The shell only break on a maximum damage roll. The soft creature regen 1 hp by round. When the shell is broken the creature will start collecting the broken pieces and will slowly reassemble it shell in 1d12 days. 

When wearing it shell, the creature build strange constructions. These constructions take 2d10 days to be build. Each construction give 1 extra hd to the creature. If the soft creature is reduced to 0 hp, its constructions crumble to dust and vanish from memory. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Goblin Wave #11

I started posting goblins again on my Patreon:

I now have 62 goblins. I want I least 100 combattant goblins before drawing non-combattants ones.

I got the feeling that this zine will be a lot of work to assemble together. (I suck at organization)
But for now I am just having fun drawing them.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Chromatic Soup #01

Chromatic Soup 01 is there! A big thanks to everyone who have participated and to anyone who have cheered us up. :) 

178 pages of DIY D&D goodness for 7 CAN$ on LULU.
(Or follow the free PDF link below)

Note: I have revised the PDF and the Cover. So everything should be OK, but I still have to receive my copy of the book.

I learned a lot with this project. Stuff like Scribbus but also self confidence and perceverance. I was never able to finish anything this big. For me this is super important because in the past I always had panic attacks when trying to work on big projects. So this is a big deal for me because this means that someday I will be able to draw a graphic novel like I ever wanted to do. What helped me to go on was the collective nature of Chromatic Soup, working alone I would have probably retreated. But we learn a lot when we are in relation with other people. The DIY community kick ass! :D

Chromatic Soup is big but I still consider it a zine because of how it was made and because of it totally unprofessional editing. I learned a lot of stuff, but naturally the zine must still have a lot of small errors. 

I am looking forward to see what we will do with issue #2

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Random exploration opportunities: trails

Next time I GM some hex crawling when we roll "no encounters" I will give a trail to follow. I totally forgot about this simple but nice technique to create exploration opportunities (and choices).

Hex crawling random encounter test (D6)
1) Encounter!
2) Fresh trail left by a encounter
3) Old trail left by a encounter
4) Debris or marks left by a encounter (trail too old to follow)
5) nothing (or a natural landmark to remember)
6) gradual weather change

Dungeon crawling random encounter test (D6)
1) Encounter!
2) Some sensory clue that a encounter is (or was) nearby (but avoidable)
3) Some sensory clue that a encounter is far away (could be debris or a trail)
4) nothing
5) nothing
6) Your light burned faster: - 1d3 torch turns or roll usage die)

I will also use this table for tracking down encounters:

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Elven Firefighters campaign

After drawing the elf maiden travelling in a water bubble I posted some drawings about elven firefighters having to protect their forest against fire based menaces and monsters. Sadly I lost those posts when I deleted my public collections on G+.

So here is a repost of what I remember.

The idea was to setup a non grim-misery-crawl OSR campaign. I mostly got inspired by the post "Playing Cute" on Gloomtrain.

  • Most of the characters are elven firefighters (fighter-mages) apprentices who wield water and vegetation based spells. They are level 01 trainees. 
  • The campaign start after their graduation but something happen and the firefighter veterans are cursed into a eternal sleep or are somehow magically disabled. 
  • The safety of the forest now rest on the shoulders of those newbies PCs.
  • The characters have access to some of the artifacts of the firefighter guild, but they have to learn how to unlock their potential. 
  • XP is awarded for doing firefighter stuff. 
  • The sandbox is build around the forest and it inhabitants. 

  • The elves have a firefighter treaty with the other forest dwelling races, including the chaotic races like the Bullywug. The newbie firefighters will also have to keep the respect of those races to avoid losing their help.
  • To add variety, some replacement or backup characters can be from the races that honor the firefighter treaty. It is often a political move for those races to send away a annoying member of their specie on firefighting duty to get rid of him or her.  
  • For exemple this bullywug moss shaman who can summon moss spirits. 

  • Most of the monsters encountered need help with some fire based menace or incident. 
  • Like a troll that was stupid enough to eat something on fire. Now he can't contain the fire in it regenerating fire belly. He is afraid to set the fire of the forest but he dont dare to speak because he fear belching fire out of his mouth. So he get in a lot of trouble and incidents. Simply killing the troll is a solution but there is a big risk that he will explode and set up more fire!
  • So the players have to find inventive solution to deal with the fire based menaces and monsters.

  • As the character level up, the campaign escalade with the apparition of the Dark Fire. A corrupting fire that twist what it burn into monsters. 
  • For exemple a dark fire treant, who is angry and resentful of the firefighters for failing at their duty and letting him burn. The fire treant become a dark fire king that try to spread the fire in the forest.

  • Defeating some of the big monsters should also bring some hope and a opportunity for reconstruction. 
  • Like when the dark fire treant die, if you open it bark you can find a Embers Dryad. If well nurtured this dryad can use her power to help the vegetation regrow after a fire, she can also sense the dark fire and travel between burning trees. Maybe she also have some limited fire control power. People dont trust her but she could be a new replacement character.   

The end game could be about lifting the curse from the firefighter veterans to awaken them or to accept that they are gone forever.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Snail Flailer Character Class!

Snail Flailer
  • Primary attributes: none  
  • Hit dice: d6
  • To hit: as fighter
  • Saves: as clerics
  • XP: as clerics


Weapons and armor training: you can use any armors but you are only trained in the use of flails, morning stars and spiked maces.

Dual wielding flails: when dual wielding flails you can add 1d4 “flail die” to your attack or damage. The flail die size step up every three levels. When wielding a single flail you can add +1 to attack or damage.

Slow but steady: you have -10 to you move but your armor don’t count as encumbrance because your armor is like your snail shell.  

Slimy body: when naked, you can climb at move 15 and squeeze through openings as small as 5 inches across.

Vulnerable to salt: salt causes you damage like burning oil.

Desiccates quickly: you needs twice the water when traveling.

Eyes stalks: you don’t see colors, but you can see 360 degrees all around so you don’t count as having a "back" for the purposes of backstabing.   

Hermaphrodite: you can have babies with anyone. Depending of your partner, some of your babies will be snail or slug persons, some will be cute little flailsnails.

Crawling tongue: you can communicate with snails and slugs. Mutant snails and slugs are harder to understand. If you want, you can start with a angry little flailsnail pet (they are mostly decorative).


Level      Exp.Points   Hit Dice   Flail Dice    Title
1        0                   1d6           d4               Spiked Lad             
2             1565             2d6           d4               Slime Maiden     
3             3125             3d6           d4               Man-at-Flail       
4        6,250            4d6           d6               Morning Star  
5        12,500          5d6           d6               Snail Flail    
6        25,000          6d6           d6               Iron Slug
7        50,000          7d6           d8               Snail Knight      
8        100,000        8d6           d8               Slug Lord         
9        200,000        9d6           d8               Flail Queen          
10      300,000        9d6+1       d10             Mother-Father of Snail-Chains     

Dimensional flailsnailing travel: when you travel to a new flailsnails campaign you may choose to reroll your hit points and to gain a temporary extra HD in exchange of a roll on the random table of the Article 4 of the Flailsnails convention (see table below). After one session of gameplay, you may choose to remove the extra HD to shake off the effect rolled on the table.

Random table of the Article 4 of the Flailsnails convention (1d100):
(penalties cannot take PC below minimum score for the system in question or below 4 hp)

1-3 Blinded
4-6 Deafened
7-9 Gone mute
10-12 Lost an arm
13-15 Lost a leg
16-18 Gone mad: 25% chance of doing the exact opposite of intended action (after action is
declared) each round during times of stress
19 Cursed: Slowed
20 Cursed: Laughs continuously and uncontrollably--must make a wisdom check to speak an
intelligible sentence
21-23 All equipment lost.
24 One of your items is now cursed--new DM secretly decides item and specific curse
25-Sex change. Armor doesn't fit now. Re-roll charisma. (you don’t really care about this one).
26-28 Disease: halve your hit points
29-31 Disfiguring disease--charisma is effectively the minimum, no henchmen
32-34 Brain damage: lose d6 from charisma, intelligence and wisdom
35-36 Major brain damage: lose d8 from charisma, intelligence and wisdom
37-39 Too much light reading during your trip: lose d10 intelligence
40-42 Culture shock--lose d10 wisdom
43-45 Disease: lose d6 from strength, constitution and dex
46-48 Major disease: lose d8 from strength, constitution, and dex
49-Curse: kleptomania
50-51 Pregnant or melded to useless siamese twin -2d6 dex
52-PC smells terrible, scent is obvious to any foe at 100 yards
53-55 PC is on a bender and won't sober up until adventure ends
56-58 PC has become grotesquely obese: -10 dex, always last initiative no matter what system is used
59 Curse: PC can't see weapons, claws, teeth or fire. 50% chance s/he doesn't know it
60 Curse: 17 and 18 are cursed numbers for PC--rolling either # is a fumble
61 Mutation: roll on baleful mutation chart of DM's choice
62 Artificially aged: -d10 constitution -d10 dex, -d6 str, -d20 hp
63-65 Fugitive: extremely thorough authorities are following you everywhere
66 Shrunk to 1' tall
67-69 Hungover: -3 to all rolls
70-72 Type 2 hangover: hearing and vision are only 25% relaible
73-75 Having an Elric phase: can only go 4 rounds without needing to smoke/inject/inhale some exotic substance.
You will run out of it after d4 days.
76 Curse: in any round, all attacks will be against our PC until at least 2 have been successful
77 Curse: if any of your companions fall victim to a spell, you will, too
78-79 Haven't been eating properly on your trip--lose d12 hp, d8 con and d6 str
80 Depressed and pining for home. -5 to all saves.
81 Infected wound. -d6 constitution and -3 to attack rolls
82 Roll twice ignoring redundant results
83-85 Limping. -5 dex, movement is 1/3 normal, blows doing more than 2 hp will knock you over unless you're
braced against a wall
86 Paralyzed from the waist down, you have a wheelchair, though.
87-88 Just tired from all that walking: -d4 to all rolls
89-90 Frostbite on the way-lost 3d4 fingers.
91 Partially possessed by minor demon. Wisdom/will roll in times of stress to avoid aiding forces of evil.
92 Just loves it here! PC spends all free time writing a travel journal or sketching the landscape--cannot rest properly at all.
93-95 Can't speak what they call "common" around here.
96 Can speak it but finds the local dialect intensely grating-especially the way the locals pronounce the words "go" "if" "to"
and "get". Use of those words will cause the PC to attack the speaker for 1d4 rounds.
97 None of these hicks can understand you through your accent
98-100 Your blood is too thick for this climate. You shiver or sweat all day--minus 2 to everything.


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Goblin Princess & body guards

Goblin Princess wearing The War Tongue + body guards.
I try to balance special goblins with grunts to avoid ending up with a tribe of special goblins. Some gobs get more quirks but all of them got at least 1 or 2. I will post the grunts later on patreon.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Mutant Year Zero - Actual Play 03

Session 08
Ark projects, zone exploration and a deadly trap! 

Our Ark look like this, except that our ship have split in the middle section. 

Characters development 

  • Brando (played by Sylvain M) is still learning how to be a good boss. Ordering people around is harder than making a stand for the people. His big dream is that one day the Ark will be strong enough to dominate the zone. 
  • Clarissa (played by Annick P) have fully regained control over her instincts. Her big dream is to have a secret safe place. 
  • Fillix (played by me) is slowly learning how to sense emotions and how to shoot (because she felt helpless during the encounter with the robots). Her big dream is still to uncover the truth about the elder and Eden. She pass a lot of her time with her chronicler friend Juna to try to learn how to read. 
  • Allia (played by Dominic C) is more and more interested by our car. She still dream about making her master proud of her: Brando. 

I finally checked the equipment list in the book and I have spend around 14 bullets of gear. Basic stuff that will help us a bit: scrap binoculars, a shovel, a knife, a pair of boots, a lantern, etc. I wanted to get a scrap riffle but our Ark have no armory. So instead I had buy a jury-rigged rifle from a NPC gearhead. The big difference is that jury-rigged stuff break once you use them (except if you spend stunts on them).

I was expecting the characters to mutate like crazy during the campaign but in 8 sessions we only had one new mutation (or feral power). Since Otiak mutated and died during our second session, none of our characters gained new powers (for this to happen you have to roll 1 twice on a d6 when you use your power).

Ark development 

We finished all of our projects! But we are still a bunch of uncultured barbarians.

Brando trained our militia, Clarissa and Allia worked on our barricades and Fillix worked on the temple.

Since I was working on the temple I asked the other to check the video camera they had found in the mushroom contaminated factory. I used the batteries from the underground base and we managed to watch the footage contained in the artifact. It was a sequence showing the Elder walking out of Eden with other humans and hundreds of young children. It was us! The GM showed us a picture and we recognized some of the NPCs (nice touch!). Fillix, Juna and Allia were really moved!

The neat thing about the mutants is that they are all childhood friends, they are like a entire high school that was left to themselves. Lord of the Flies style...

Naturally this triggered my manipulative instincts, I used some dirt I had on Boss Nafta to get a new battery and to jury-rig the video camera to show the images to everyone working on the temple. Doing so I put the Boss Zidane, the rabbit seer, in charge of the ceremony and I used the occasion to humiliate the Chronicler's boss, Astrina by trusting the care of the sacred camera to Zidane instead of her. With the help of Allia I put under her nose that hiding in the Ark is a error, that we have to venture into the zone to learn the truth. I nearly felt bad for her (damn my new sense emotions skill!)

With the barricades and the militia we rolled super high to rise our warfare score but sadly, again we rolled low on our cultural development points. Having a low culture score is really starting to limit our Ark. But the Ark is getting a character of it own and this part of the game is starting to get super involving. Finishing those projects felt like a achievement.

That said I note that developing the Ark is really random, especially with the projects that award 2d6 points of development. Earning 2 points or 12 points is a big difference. So even if you build the same projects in different playthroughs, each campaign must feel different. Like for our Ark, the only cultural project we have left now is to build a museum, if we roll under 3 on our d6 we will have no choice but to explore the zone to find cultural artifacts to try to raise our culture score above 10. I like this since it build a narrative of it own if you take the time to "read the bones" of the dice results.

A big Threat! 

After working hard on our projects we went to our crappy tavern to drink some disgusting booze.

There, Thomaz the mind-terror mutant, attacked Juna, she tried to fight him of with her telepathy but he overwhelm her with his mind-terror power while telling her that they were alike with their mind powers and that should always have been together. Clarissa jumped in and tried to smash his head in a table but he unleashed his power on her making her believe she was drowning in a bag (naturally). This gave the opportunity to Fillix to close in and to use her parasitic power to steal Thomaz's mind terror power and to give him a taste of his own medicine. I went for a really nasty mind-terror and I inflicted him the hallucination that the Elder was beating him with a crowbar while telling him that he was totally worthless. That was really vicious, since the Elder is our only father  figure. Fillix felt disgusted with herself after this (well for a brief moment at least, I mean she can be quite nasty sometime).

Before we could leave the scene, the GM drew a Threat card and Geeko the boss of the NPCs stalkers stumbled in the tavern, bleeding badly. His group was ambushed by the Hell Drivers! Dog-Face (NPC enforcer), Ratchet (NPC gearhead) and Charlene (NPC badger gearhead) were taken prisoners! (Ratchet is the NPC that Allia want to protect and Charlene is the NPC that Clarissa want to protect). Shit! I mean the Hell Drivers... This is bad.

Clarissa was ready to leave alone to rescue her badger friend/lover. But we decided to take the car and to go together. Anyway we need to recon those Hell Drivers, they are too big a menace to ignore.
So we made some preparations and the team left for the zone (Brando brought his side-kick buddy: Spoutnik, the beagle warrior).

Into the zone

With the car full of booze, we quickly traveled through the explored sectors up to the ruins of the temple of the Law of Lob. From there we went north. We passed near some crazy rams, a rot pit and we got stuck in the mud.

The travel was uneventful we discovered no artifact to tempt us to mess with some of the threats we encountered. I wanted to check the Zone Ghouls Den, but the group wanted to avoid any additional trouble.

Exploring the zone and mapping is still fun, but sometime I wish that the zone was a bit weirder, but I guess this is just a question of random rolls. We still have a lot of sectors to explore. :)

When you travel through already explored sectors there is no random encounters or new threats. At first I was a little bit let down by this, but after 8 sessions I think this is a good design choice because this put the focus on the unexplored sectors. There is so much things to do in the game, you don't want to get bog down in already explored sectors.

A deadly trap! 

So the Hell Drivers! We sneaked up to their lair, a multi-story parking lot. There was a lot of people with brightly colored hairs (I joked that we should steal this cultural technology) and many cars, trucks and buggy!

Clarissa scouted the place and learned that our friends were held prisoner in the basement of the parking. We decided that Clarissa should go alone with Allia to try to sneak in to free the prisoners. Allia is our best fighter (beside Brando) and she can fly away if things get too ugly while Clarissa can always find a place to hide to sneak out of trouble. The rest of the group will remain outside as backup.

Clarissa and Allia passed by some guards down in the basement until they found a van guarded by a hell driver. They tried to surprise-kill the guard, but with a twist a bad luck Allia rolled badly on a 10 dice attack roll, she pushed her roll only to tax herself with 3 points of damage! They wounded the Hell Driver but he banged on the Van and a gigantic women with a huge meat cleaver opened the door of the van. Inside the van: the giant woman, her assistant and our friends chained to the wall ready to be transformed into meat rations!

Scared by her bad roll and her damage points Allia really did not confident enough to take on the Boss of the Hell Riders. We panicked at the table: "Shit! Pull out! This is a TPK trap!"

Clarissa and Allia hesitated a moment but there was simply no way for them to win this fight against 3 NPC including a boss. And the two other guards from above would rush in once they ear the fight.

So they diced to abandon their friends to their fate and they pulled back. They managed to get out of the camp that quickly went into full alert mode!

We regrouped, jumped in the car and we hit the gas pedal to the ground. A scout buggy was on our trail menacing to find us and to send the Hell Riders armada on our trail! But I used my new scrap jury-rigged rifle and I managed to shoot it damn search light! The rifle broke, but still, best use of my money ever!

Back home

Oh shit we were scared, frustrated and angry! We wasted our resources for nothing and we barely escaped alive! Now what to do?? There was talk of war at the table.

For my part I was more thinking about trying to make a alliance with the Lighthouse Ark of Amazones or to try to cut a deal with the zone ghouls to try to buy back our friends if they are not already eaten.

One positive note: we rolled no casualties for the Ark.

We ended the session and we distributed the XP.

Allia spent her XP to change her role, she went to the den of Ratched to take her tools, now she was going to work on that car to become a gearhead!

Clarissa will also have to find a new NPC buddy and Annick was talking about changing her big dream.

Brando is grinding his axe and thinking about how to use our militia...

Fillix is still learning how to read with Juna. I am thinking of making peace with Astrina to become a chronicler. Or maybe I could make a deal with Zidane to become a seer... Both options are tempting.

Oh and winter is coming! It started to snow...


Fillix learning her alphabet with Juna her semi-translucent skinned telepathic friend:

Friday, February 17, 2017

Mutant Year Zero - Actual Play 02

Session 06

I was so frustrated with my work day, when I arrived at the game table I was simply unable to roleplay. I tried to play but I was starting to troll the NPCs. So when the group left for the zone I said: look when I am in this mood I fear to sabotage things, so I will just sit this one out. My character will remain at the Ark and I will just listen to the game instead of messing up my character or the session.

So what happened in the fiction? We worked on the Ark's projects. Clarissa and Allia tried to build some barricades, but there was a work a accident and the slaves were angry and they made no progress. Brando worked on the temple and I made some deals to finish the fighting arena. We named the arena after Otiak (our first but memorable character casualty).

After that I started to spread lies to make some NPCs hate each others but I stopped myself before going too far and getting out of character. I guess it was a bad day of Fillix.

The rest of the group decided to follow a rumor about a stalker who became mad in the zone. They filled up the car we had found with booze and ventured into the zone. The group fought a giant worm that nearly destroyed the car. But after studying it, Brando spotted it weak spot and nearly killed the worm in one mighty blow.

The group arrived at a old factory contaminated with giant fibrous mushrooms. They were brave or foolish enough to venture inside to find what happened to the mad stalker and to look for artifacts.

They were lucky and they found two "metaplot" artifacts: a key card and a video camera. But Brando and Allia got infected by the spores. They felt weird on the way home but nothing happened.

Just before reaching the Ark they encountered a group of women mutants slavers armed with good quality riffles. They asked about the male mutants that we rescued in the zone. The group sent them toward a other direction. Both side were pretty suspicious of each other. Interesting.

So in the end it was a interesting session. I am glad that my bad day mood did not ruin it.

I have spend 5 xp on Juna and the trait admirer to develop what have happened between her and Fillix. I was not in the mood to explore this during this session, but still, things are building up.

Session 07

We moved our gaming night and I was in a far better mood this time.

Brando the Bear Warrior spent some of his XP to become a Boss. So now he have a new role and gang of animals. He only have 2 points of wits to roll his command skill, but I really like this character development. I am looking forward to see if Allia will also change role to eventually become free.

During the hall meeting, Zidane, the animal seer, proclaimed that the temple should be dedicated to the Elder Humans. Clarissa and Brando were not happy about this because seeing the weak humans that we have rescued from the zone cannibals made them realize that we can only count on ourselves to find our place in this rotting world. On my side Fillix tried to publicly undermine Boss Astrina and her politic of self isolation from the zone.  I also managed to get involve in the temple doctrine by showing a elder chronicle I had found in the zone: The Chronicle of Narnia. Astrina and Zidane were quite upset about this. :)

But them the earth shook and a portion of the Ark crumbled down in the earth. The group went down to see what happened. Astrina sent my chronicler lover Juna to report on the events. I tried to move Astrina away from the elder room persuading her that as the boss of the Chronicler she had to see this event with her own eyes. But she was too chicken shit to venture away from her precious elder. So I decided to remain on the upper deck of the Ark to spy on her. Since I could not sneak into the room of the elder I sneaked into Astrina's room and I stole a old photography of the elder wearing a strange yellow suit. It felt weird to imagine him young like us.

Down in the ground, the rest of the group found a old tunnel that lead to a secure high tech door. Clarissa opened the door with the key card they had found in the zone. Inside everything was old and rotten. By the time they reached the inner room, I managed to get back to them with the help of a NPCs mutant.

The central room was protected by two half disabled robots! The robots shooted at us with laser beams! Allia and Clarissa (with a amazing bow shot!) destroyed one of them but Allia went down, then Brando and Clarissa! I used my mutant power to transfer my life force to Allia. Doing this taxed me too much and I also went down but Allia was back in action! She damaged the remaining robot and Spoutnic, one of Brando's gang member finished him off. This was a close one. :)

I really like how the stats degradation really balance well itself. The robots had super dangerous weapons and armor, but they pushed it too much and it quickly degraded, giving us a chance to take them down. Clarissa also went down by pushing herself too much. We thought that Allia was invulnerable with her "shake it off" trait, but one bad roll and she also went down. Having to roll 6s for success make even the big pool of dice unpredictable. You can't really trust your abilities all the time, they will eventually fail you. It could be annoying, but this work very well with this setting.

We explored the rest of the bunker but we found nothing of interest except some old batteries. It seemed like the bunker was never inhabited. This fueled Fillix's curiosity about the elders.

The gearheads salvaged the place and the next day we worked on the Ark's projects. We made some progress on the fortifications. Brando started to train a milice. Allia helped to build a tavern but the place is a crappy hole and our culture only raised by 1 point (on a d6 roll)

I made a 6 xp points of of 7 possible XP rewards! So Fillix learned a lot of thing. I want to tone down a little bit my selfishness and I am thinking of spending some XP on Read Emotions. I want to get closer to Juna, Astrina and the Elder. The fight also made me realize that I need a long range weapon, so I am going to spend some bullet on a scrap rifle.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Side project: drawing a whole tribe of goblins!

I have updated and reactivated my Patreon. To keep things alive there, I am going to draw goblins with quirks until I have a entire tribe of goblins (maybe around 100+ goblins). I will compile them into a zine that will include the Goblin Enchantress class. This way you can use the goblins as monsters, pre-gen funnel characters or as minions for your Goblin Enchantress!